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About this Program

"I Want Me Back" is one of the most impactful programs available anywhere for life change that shows you how to get yourself back and live the life you desire without limits. It shows you how to bounce back from severe adversity; how to live in a manner that approaches completeness-becoming all that you can give forth through your body, mind and soul.

It is worth every dime you have to experience positive dramatic change in your life. Make an investment of your time and money into this program and you will have a rich harvest of every dime you will have put in.

The Breakdown of the Modules


The Life’s Equations

You can change your life one step at a time by using some very simple tools. Paradoxically, nobody achieves wealth, happiness, success and lasting Love without help. Expecting to "figure out" success on your own is like expecting a child to learn out how to tie her shoes without help. Life is a connect-the–dots-game and in this session, the dots have already been identified and arranged for you. Your job is to follow the blue print and apply the system that this lesson provide.

• Part 1: Greatest Life’s Challenge

• Part 2: Life’s Arrangements

• Part 3: Endless Contradictions

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Engineering Order From Chaos

When bad things happen, and they often do, you are squarely responsible for the kind of person you become; whether you become the victim or the victor. A victim blames, a victor learns. The victors are the ones who figure out what went wrong and rearrange their lives so that it never happen again. There is nothing that has ever happened to you that can overshadow the greatness that lies within you. You can do what God says you can do, you can become what God says you can become. You are too powerful to fail, too strong to fear, too loaded to be barren, too strong to be defeated, too blessed to be clueless. No force can stop you, intimidate you, inhibit you or incapacitate you. In this lesson you learn how to cash in on life’s curves: Loss of a job, death of a loved one, end of a relationship. You will be able to look back into the supposedly bad things that ever happened and find the ‘good’ in them.

• Part 4: How did you get into where you are?

• Part 5: What has made you become the person (Father, mother, husband, wife, employee, employer, son, and daughter) that you are now?

• Part 6:What can you learn from it?

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Paradigm Shift-Tuning Your Perception & Perspective

You are the way you are today because of what you have learned, heard, read, and embraced as your life philosophy over the years. You are the only person in the entire universe who think and feel the way you do. You cannot be anything else if you continue to embrace that same mindset. To get to the next dimension of life experience, you must make some adjustments. This lesson arms you with the right ammunitions to develop the courage to confront the comfort zones that you have already created for yourself.

• Part 7: What has made you produce the results that you now have?

• Part 8: What must you do to produce the results that you desire? How do you move on from here?

• Part 9: What needs to happen for you to feel that you have made major progress?

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Developing A Healthy Personality

The memories of our past often times tend to cloud our reasoning especially when we reference the bad things that we have done or happened to us. These bad memories substantially form the basis of attitudes that we develop towards circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in. To progress on in life, you have to starve off your bad memories with creative imaginations. This lesson seeks to reinforce your positive beliefs to propel you forward towards your desires and aspirations. Life is lived best when you begin to chat new paths, explore new territories, fight your fears, confront your limitations and look for new terrain. You can never be delivered from anything that you are not willing to confront. There is a better bigger and brighter promise for you, waiting on you to confront yourself and your past.

• Part 10: The power of confession: Mental cleansing-catharsis.

• Part 11: Success personality: Drain off your grievances-Purifying you miscreation.

• Part 12: Looking the Tiger in the eye: Dealing with your Life’s Giants. Conquering your fears-The fear of unknown; the fear of failure; the fear of rejection; the fear of looking stupid.

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Finding Meaning In Life

What are you here to do? You excel and dominate in life only in line with your voice. Voice in this context refers to your individual worth, value addition, signature, aspirations, contribution and sense of significance. Your voice gives you leverage in life. It is your voice that determines your level of success in this earthly adventure. You only live once, so let others sell off their future to chance but not you. This lesson will wake you up and help you make the decision of living a lifestyle of joy and fulfillment.

• Part 13: Critical Life Questions: Life is a series of searches for answers to questions. The questions you ask put the ceiling/limit on access to life’s fullness. You excel and dominate in life in keeping with the questions you ask. The answers to the questions you ask dictate the level of your awareness and illumination which consequently affects the quality of your life’s experiences. You cannot have answers to questions you are not asking in the first place. This session provides you with deep and tough questions that will put you in the right direction towards a fulfilling life.

• Part 14: Unleashing your potential; when you get a glimpse of what you carry within you, you will be awed by the vastness of the possibilities that are available to you. The 10 intelligences.

• Part 15: Finding your purpose and meaning in life: Discovering your purpose: The greatest discovery that you will ever make in this life is the discovery of the potential that is laid up on the inside of you.

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Personal Strategic Thinking

You are an advancing personality and you must never lose sight of the vision of what you want, or your faith and purpose to get what you want and desire out of life. The wise Solomon once said ‘where there is no vision people perish’. We think in terms of pictures and where there is no vision/picture in the inside, there is confusion on the outside. In this lesson, you learn how to design your future from the inside out.

• Part 16: How high should a tree grow? Get the best out of your life.

• Part 17: From fuzziness to absolute clarity: Constructing a personal vision and mission in life.

• Part 18: Designing your dream life: Blue Sky Thinking - Career and Family.

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Own The Playing Field-Multiply Your Income

The truth is that you do not have wealth; you are wealth. Your money is still in somebody else’s wallet. Inside of you lies a great business, a great enterprise and a great company. You have all what it takes to start your own business on something that you love to do from scratch and grow it into a recognized brand.

You are not in any way obliged to do what you do not like to do; you should not and must not do it except as a means to usher you into the doing of the thing that you really want to do. If there were certain forces in the past, whose consequences have placed you in undesirable circumstances, (businesswise and/or career wise) you may be obliged to do what you do not like for a while; but you can and should make the doing of it pleasant by having it in mind that it is making it possible for you to come to the doing of what you want to do. There is no greater joy and real satisfaction in living, than doing what you want to do in life.

The type of work you do should stimulate, enthuse and give you energy. Work must offer you more than money and status; it must offer you the chance to make a difference. If you are focused only on making money to pay your bills, then a large slice of life will pass you by. If you are not utilizing your greatest assets, you will end up being stuck doing mundane activities that deplete your energies, erode your drive and limits your fulfillment.

If you are stuck in a job or career that doesn’t allow you to utilize your abilities-talents and gifting, you are cheating yourself out of real satisfaction and fulfillment. Life is too short for you to be stuck in work that you don’t even enjoy. You have an inherent right and privilege to follow your heart in the business or career that will be most pleasant and that will give you the greatest fulfillment. Why stay in something that drains your energy? This session will show you how to look for or create an opportunity that allows you to expand your effectiveness through your uniqueness. You will learn how to become the best you can ever be in what you love to do. You will learn how to bring out that business from within you and grow it on the outside of you.

• Part 19: Cents Sense: Money and Success.

• Part 20: How to force open the flood gates of abundance: Generating & Screening Business Ideas.

• Part 21: Prosperity consciousness: Wealth Mindset.

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Love & Relationships

Your choice of mate determines the quality of your family life. The quality of your family life influences the degree of your success in life as a human being. This lesson seeks to help you have and in-depth understanding of what love and relationship is all about and how to build successful and fulfilling relationships.

• Part 22: What love is and the purpose of a relationship.

• Part 23: Keys to successful relationships.

• Part 24: Six major reasons why relationships don’t work.

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Rediscovering Your Greatness

Given all your talents, gifting, level of education, exposure, experiences, opportunities, the genes that you carry, is what you have achieved today the best you could have? You have been blessed with every imaginable spiritual blessing to live a life of splendor. Your entire being is a unique package full of gems never like it anywhere on the planet.

You can succeed against all odds, triumph over all adversity, leap over every obstacle, win over every opposition and excel in every undertaking in life. There is absolutely nothing that can or should stop you from doing that which you want to do. Your ‘succeeding’ in life is God’s business and He cannot help helping you in order to help Himself. This lesson will enable you to harness your idle capacities, untapped power and awaken the giant that lies asleep inside of you.

• Part 25: Unlocking your greatness.

• Part 26: Activating & developing your intellectual faculties.

• Part 27: Maximizing the moments: Developing new awareness.

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Personal Transformation

Irrespective of your age at the moment, you could add more life to your years, more joy and fulfillment to your life and in essence add more years to your life. To experience fullness in life, you have got to do things differently. If you keep doing what you have always done, you obviously will get what you have always got. You are going to have to develop new skills, new mental attitudes, and new capabilities. You are going to have to stretch yourself, and in so doing, you will be stretched forever. In this lesson, you learn some timeless, universal and proven fundamental laws that are guaranteed to transform your life positively in amazing ways.

• Part 28: The hidden Assets: Blow the lid off-Unlocking & liberating the ‘you’ held hostage.

• Part 29: Your Power is your passion: When you do what you are passionate about, you become an invincible power house in whatever you do.

• Part 30: Bouncing Back: Key Ingredients to Streamlining your life. Becoming an exceptional person you are capable of; Living greatly; re-creating a faltering career; How to embark on an entirely new career or a vocation late in life.

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