What the transformation process and experience will be like.

How it works

"I Want Me Back" is a 10 weeks transformative adventure full of exciting, inspiring, insightful and impactful life changing lessons. From week one all through to week ten, we journey together for three hours sessions every week. Part of the program involves three major team activities spread out within the program. First we watch a movie together; then we go through a full day team-building event and crown it with an out of town camp experience after the last session. Every activity is carefully designed to blend into the theme of this program.

What to Expect

‘I want Me Back’ is a socio economic empowerment program synonymous with results. It has Biblical based principles and concepts that show you how to extend yourself to the full development of all your potential to lead the life you were really meant to have.

It gives you practical ideas and instructions for liberating your own potentialities and fully activating positive changes in your life. It shows you how to get excited again, to step on the accelerator of your own passion and ambition to get more living out of life.

I Want Me Back program shows you how to weather down crisis, how to multiply, magnetize and magnify your life.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish: Happiness, satisfaction, good health, career fulfillment, financial peace, re-designing your work or private life, mastering bad habits or constructing a meaningful life, ‘I Want Me Back’ program will impact you and enable you to amend the errors of your past to turn your wishes into reality.

You should expect verifiable miracles and transformation. You will be able to overcome negativity that has previously prevented you from expressing your full strength. After going through this program, the shy and retiring can become bold and courageous. A sales man who has lost his touch and his faith of himself can become a model of self-confidence.

Getting you back does not mean creating new abilities, talents and powers-it is simply activating and utilizing what you already have. You already possess capacities that you never suspected you had. You have more ability and talent than you have ever utilized. This program is about helping you to acknowledge that you are unique, one of a kind composite of strength and weaknesses; knowledge and ignorance, experience, accomplishments and unrealized potentials.

Why you should Register

Success in life is not measured by what you have done compared to what someone else has done, but by what you have done compared to what you could have done. Considering all your life’s experiences, exposure, opportunities, genetic makeup, your gifts and talents, would you say with absolute certainty, that what you have done with your life so far is the best that you could have done?

If your answer to that question is ‘NO’ or you are unsure about how to answer it, then you need to do yourself a big favour: contact us and enrol into this program and we will be more than glad to help you raise your consciousness spiritually, intellectually and emotionally to become a focused and a remarkable person.

Our passion to help people optimize their life experience transcends all barriers of age, culture, religion, occupation, race and creeds. For over a decade, we have studied and researched in the fields of self-motivation, personal improvement psychology, fundamentals of human behaviour and success psychology. Our coaches and facilitators have earned a reputation for having a rare ability to relate to your problems, sympathize with them and then advise you on their solutions as a wise old friend would.

‘I WANT ME BACK Program’ is a self-improvement Program that empowers and awakens the dormant forces in you to begin your life anew. It is a holistic approach to personal-development designed to address the needs in people’s work and private lives; developing the whole person to bring about restoration and total Life transformation. We show you how to connect the dots so that you can make fusion with who you really are and unlock the greatness trapped within you. 

We are 100% committed to helping you successfully construct or re-construct a vision for your life to produce an individual who is focused in what they want to do in their career, relationships and business.


This program will cost you heavily in terms of your ‘time’ commitment. It will require you to sacrifice your time to attend all the sessions without fail and carry out to completion, any activity assigned to you during the week. It will also cost you financially: Your financial investment is Kenya Shillings eighty thousand for 10 weeks. This may seem to be either exceptionally modest or outrageously expensive-depending on the prism you look through.  This investment will produce for you tangible result and total transformation of your life.

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